Broken Web Fonts, Publisher, and .htaccess, Oh my!

I just encountered something odd with Publisher.

All of a sudden it stopped working for my main site. I was getting error messages when editing albums and it wouldn’t authenticate, showing this message:


I have two instances of Publisher set up for my main site and I got the same error for both.
I hadn’t changed anything in the setup and everything was up to date.
My other sites all authenticated just fine. Those instances are all in sub domains.

So on a whim, I changed the API url from

and it then worked.

I was initially wondering if it could be due to a change in Publisher, but then I remembered that several weeks ago I did make a site change. I noticed that the Font Awesome icons on my blog (only the  blog) were all of a sudden exhibiting the broken web fonts issue in Firefox. So I added the needed code to fix that in the .htaccess file that sits in the root of the site. Among other things, it rewrites http://www. to http://

(In case you’re unfamiliar with the problem, broken web fonts look like little rectangles that have some hex code inside instead of the actual Font Awesome icons you were expecting.)

I’m assuming that was what caused the Publisher problem. If so, I’m guessing that others may encounter it too.

EDIT: I emailed Ben about this and he confirmed it is due to meddling with .htaccess:

“…This has come up a handful of times.  The basic rule is that the API URL needs to be in the format after any redirects come into play.  So if there are redirects from non-www to www, then the API URL should begin with www (and vice versa)…”



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