• Add a search icon to your TTG search page heading

    Here’s a real quick tip to spice up your TTG Search page. How about adding a search icon like this to your page heading? TTG uses Font Awesome for all web icons. Just head over to the Font Awesome site, find an icon you like, copy the code, and insert it in the Search Title […]

  • Adding borders and shadows to images in WordPress

    I recently posted about classes you could use in TTG text blocks to place and style images. Two of those classes are “border” and “shadow.” This post is about adding borders and shadows to images in WordPress. And it’s really as simple as adding one or two words to the Image Details dialog box. In […]

  • Add style to your image captions

    Did you ever want to add formatting to your captions in either or both thumbnails and large image captions? Take, for example, adding scientific names to photos of plants or animals like the Atlantic puffin – Fratercula arctica. The way¬† I’ll do this with TTG galleries is to add the html tag <em> to the […]

  • TTG CE4 sneak peak – More fun with side bars

    Using the new sidebars in TTG CE4

  • TTG CE4 – Quick Reference

    CE4 quick reference

    Use the Quick Reference to get up and running with CE4

  • Centering your mobile menu icon

    centered mobile menu icon

    Here’s a quick tip for those wanting to center their collapsed menu icon on mobile devices. When using mobile devices, your navigation menu collapses to a mobile friendly size and an icon with three horizontal lines appear on the left side of where your navigation once was. Click on this icon and the mobile navigation […]

  • Styling individual pages in TTG Pages with custom css using the page ID

    TTG Pages creates six pages that serve as the basis of your web site. It creates Home, Galleries, Services, About, Info, and Contact pages. If you know anything about html, you probably know that the visible part of the page is contained within the <body> tag; the page your viewers see starts with the opening […]

  • Use inline styling to spruce up your site text

    Use the html <span> element to highlight parts of your block text.

  • Galleria Gotchas

    Make sure your Galleria slide show is showing

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