• Backing up your TTG User Templates (and other important Lightroom things)

    I hope you’re all backing up your Lightroom catalogs; that’s just basic. But did you know that if you’re only backing up your catalog, you’re not backing up your TTG User Templates? Lightroom’s backup function only backs up the catalog. It doesn’t back up your metadata presets, your develop presets, your book or print templates, […]

  • Managing navigation with phplugins

    Using the phplugins feature of the TTG web products allows you to customize your site beyond what the web engines can already do, and managing navigation with phplugins is probably the most popular usage. So popular, in fact, that Matt has already coded the phplugins.php file for use in navigation. You’ll first need to have […]

  • TTG Masthead and Navigation Options

    ttg page with both masthead and navigation "orphaned"

    Trying out the options available for placing TTG Masthead and Navigation

  • TTG Page Layout Areas

    ttg page layout

    Just starting out with TTG? You might be confused by all the different sections of the plug-ins and what they control. Here’s a quick guide to the various areas of a TTG page.

  • Develop your TTG WordPress site locally first

    Using Desktop Server to locally develop and then deploy your TTG Theme for WordPress based site.

  • Dynamic Mastheads in CE4

    In case you’ve been wondering about how to employ dynamic mastheads inĀ  CE4 based sites, wonder no more. First, what’s a dynamic masthead? It’s a masthead that will adjust to the size of the browser width so that it looks good no matter the device. If you use a graphic logo for your masthead, when […]

  • TTG CE4 – Quick Reference

    CE4 quick reference

    Use the Quick Reference to get up and running with CE4

  • Custom CSS: using the inspector to probe css selectors

    color: black; has been added to the rule

    If you want to make changes to your site with custom css, learn to use the Inspector developer tool.

  • Adding additional gallery indexes as main nav menu items

    It’s easy to add additional gallery indexes to your main menu.

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Publisher 3.2.3

CE4 Versions

note: CE4 is no longer being developed or sold. See this post.

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Gallery: 6.1.10
Pages: 7.0.15
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Stage: 6.1.6
Theme for WordPress: 3.1.2

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