• The Basics of Backlight Templates

    (Note: this was written for the first iteration of Backlight, up to version 1.1, but applies equally to the latest version. Some naming conventions may have changed but the concept is the same.) Need a little help getting started with Backlight? Well, here are the basics of Backlight templates. The first thing to know is […]

  • Add an image search form to any Backlight page

    It’s pretty easy to add an image search form to any Backlight page or even a WordPress widget, allowing your viewers to access an image search feature form from any page you choose rather than needing to click on the “Search” link in the navigation menu. Just add the html below to the page copy […]

  • Phplugins hook locations in Backlight

    On my Backlight test site I’ve created a couple of pages that show the locations for those phplugins hooks that appear on pages (as opposed to those that are behind the scenes, like the head and script hooks). These hooks are current as of Backlight 1.1. I’ll update as new hooks are added. All phplugins […]

  • Backlight Theater module sneak peak

    I’ve been testing various aspects of the upcoming Theater module for Backlight. The new Vegas Full Screen slideshow is really nice. Take a look on my Backlight test site. It’s pretty easy to set up, though you first need to create a full-screen page template. Once you’ve done this, create a new album template and […]

  • Converting a non-publisher TTG CE4 site to Backlight

    Scenario: You’ve got a TTG CE4 (or earlier) site with many galleries. However, these are exported and uploaded galleries, not Publisher albums. Goal: To update your TTG CE4 site to Backlight while keeping your existing TTG galleries available to visitors and clients, perhaps eventually converting old galleries to Backlight controlled albums. Problem: There is no […]

  • Toggling your Client Response Legend

    I recently got a question about hiding a Client Response legend that’s been placed in the page copy of a Backlight album. It’s really pretty easy to do with a simple jQuery toggle. See this in action on my Backlight test site. In my previous article on creating a legend for Client Response albums, I […]

  • Some css “recipes” for your Backlight site

    Here are just a few css tweaks you can use for your Backlight site. Just add to your custom css file. Note: these are valid through Backlight version 1.1.1. I’ll update as needed. Image border and shadows Center footer text Add borders around thumbnails Center caption text under large Photoswipe images Style metadata in thumbnails […]

  • Backlight Client Response Legend

    The new Backlight Client Response module is here! The look and functionality is nearly identical to the CE4 version so if you’ve been using that, the Backlight version will make for an easy transition. You’ll probably find it even easier to use. Backlight Client Response module gives you three options for the selection icons: A […]

  • Responsive grid framework in Backlight

    TTG’s Responsive Grid Framework allows you to create columns of text, allowing for just about any layout you can think of. Some things have changed in the Backlight version. I’ll take a look at them here.

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